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I am looking for something that can display or use that would function like this: I can set a goal for the entire store for a set time like 1 day, etc(goal bar, thermometer, etc). If the store hits X amount of orders in the time period we will start a sale, give a free product, etc. 


Can I use anything and embed it manually, any apps that would make this easier, or any advice.



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Hmmp. Let's disassemble this into pieces:

1. You need a way to know a certain the current sale quota - i.e. that X products has been sold. This can be taken care of by a simple GraphQL query.
2. You then need to display the information in some way - preferably a thermometer or progress bar or whatever. This can be cobbled together from basic building blocks in your storefront, once we have the sale quota information.

3. And, for the tricky bit, once you've reached a certain quota you'd like for X products to go on sale, or for a discount to be applied to a specific susbet of products, or for all your customers to receive an e-mail, or whatnot. 


The first two parts can be performed by a mix of using this app - - and some custom data massaging. I can walk you through it if you can't figure out.


The third part - despite looking around - does not seem to be an existing Shopify app! If someone can correct me on this that would be awesome, but I can't find one.


I'd actually be interested in building it, if you can provide some more information about your specific use case. This seems like it would be a very useful public app! Care to ping me with some more details? Thank you!

As a side note - this has been asked before: