Sales Goal / Progress Bar or Thermometer App?

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I am looking for an app that displays the totals between certain dates. I need to set a specific goal with it as well.

For example. I want set a goal of $5000 in sales between January 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018. On the home page I would like to show a progress bar that shows how far along we are in terms of total sales amount.

I am setting up a store where all the sales/profit goes towards a specific project/charity. It changes every quarter hence why i need it by date.

Whats the best way to do this and if there is an app that specifically does this.

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Hey Mike,

We can create a tool for you that does that. We recently did a similar thing for a stock level in one of our customers' stores. We could re-purpose it to display exactly how you had it in mind. Just drop us an email at and a sketch / more detailed description how you would like to have it look (or you can use our design). 

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Hi there,


I was just searching around for a sales goal app with a visual tracker like a progress bar/thermometer, and found this...did you have any luck?


Thank you!

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Hi did you have any luck getting a progress bar installed?

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Was Google Analytics Goals and E-commerce tags not an option? Or do you want some sort of embedded on-demand report? If you really can’t find something in the App Store and you really feel this should be an app then email us we’ll quote you on an custom app.




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