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E-commerce Analytics tool that anyone can use

Kmetric Analytics is an analytics tool designed for Shopify to help you quickly gather shopping insights, trends, and performance of your store in real-time. From that, you can optimize your store conversion, marketing strategy as well as invest more resources in the proper place.


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  • Tailored E-commerce Metrics: To avoid getting lost in many E-commerce metrics, we carefully selected and picked the most useful and informative store KPIs that helps you measure and improve your Shopify store.


  • Real-time Tracking & Reporting: Instantly see who's on your store by Real-time mode, we fully provide monitoring solutions as well as demographic of those visitors so you can take the action quickly by combining our tool with your favorite channels: messages, chat, push notification,…




  • Built-in Tracking Tool: No extra efforts for 3rd-parties integration such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics,… We offered our in house data collecting solution with deeply compatible with Shopify data to give you all specific and special insights comparing to other tools.

  • Trend Dashboard: We also provide the historical reporting for what's happened in your store from time to time, included comparative analysis. It tells you the trend of each core metric as well as your store performance.




  • Weekly Report: Be up to date with the most important metrics of your store every week!

  • Visualization: Well-crafted and detailed visualization to give you the best demographic for your store sales, marketing, and listing product insights.

  • All-in-one suite: Get rid of deep-n-long hierarchy menus, see what you need to notice right away in one screen.129b3ffd77c628f154b6581c2efd517d


  • Make analytics simple and easy: A custom-designed analytics tool for the non-experts in data analysis.

3rd-Party Integrations:
  • Google Ads: We knew that you have several marketing channels to give an eye so we pull all data together, right in once dashboard with our newly Google Ads integration.
  • Others: We will bring more and more marketing channels such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads,… shortly.


Missing a Feature?

If we are missing a feature that you need, let us know and we will do our best to add it to the app ASAP. Your feedback is valuable for us to keep our app improved. Please send email to or just comment on this post.