Scraping apps - competitor price updates for example

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Hi there,


I'm really new to Shopify and its community.

I used to be a advanced developper in web scraping and discovered quite recently what Shopify app market could bring to developers so I wanted to give it a try


Anyway, I wanted to leverage my previous skills and eventually thought about building a shopify app around web scraping.

The most obvious need I thought about was a price tracking from competitors (same articles sold, want to make sure you hit the best price for example, or want to know what competitors plans, or many other ideas; you got the point).


I was actually disapointed not to find any already existing app in that topic (maybe I misused the app catalog) + not that much topic around scraping activities from Shopify apps. There are some discussions for app scraping supplier (very few that being said) but nothing around competitors...


Can you help me understand it that is because:

1. Such activities are simply banned from Shopify (I've read the partner program agreement and have to say I did not find any explicit reason). I've read some suppliers don't like scrapers but how Shopify stands here? Probably competitors also wont like scrapers/crawlers but is that even an issue for Shopify? As long as the merchant is aware of what he is doing; it should not be an issue right? Especially knowing this is not illegal in any way.

2. Merchants are not interested in such capabilities ? (I'm actually sure they are; just thinking about other options... without big success as you can see).

3. Anything else (like tehnical too hard to buid a generic public app for such a wide theme)


Thanks in advance,

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I'd love to hear what you find and if you decide to proceed. I'm not developing a scraping app myself but I'd love to talk if you decide to.