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We're looking for an app to facilitate a "Buy one, gift one" campaign. Ultimately, the goal of this campaign is new customer acquisition by referral from current customers. The idea is that when a customer submits and order, they would have the opportunity to enter a friend's email address to "gift" a [product] to them too. An email would be sent to that friend saying something like, "[original customer's name] just gave you a free [product]. Here's a coupon code just for you to redeem a free [product]."

Any ideas?

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Hey @evergreenresult 

I am not aware of any app that could do that out of the box, however that could be achieved with simple automation. The flow would be:

1. Anytime order is placed, check if it qualifies for "Buy one, gift one" campaign.

2. Read friends email saved in order attributes (this would require creating an input field on the frontend to allow customers to add that email to the order).

3. Create a single use 100% discount code limited to the product of your choice.

4. Send an email to the customer with the code. 

I reckon for the last step it would be best to trigger Klaviyo (or any other marketing platform) flow. If you could send just standard email.

Send me a pm if you like the idea and need more details.

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Hi there, as far as I know, referral candy app have this kind of feature, check it out here

In detail, after customers purchase your product, they get a referral link (can be shared quickly on social media or whatsapp, etc), if their friends buy from the ref link, their friend gets a discount; so do they.

But the email thing is not possible. 

Hope you find that helpful.


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Thanks Matbaker, good thinking. That is the solution we've come up with so far. We are hoping there is an all-in-one solution app.