Searching for a Product Review App like Etsy Reviews

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Hey guys,


I started my online store this year. We got a lot of sales and are very happy with shopify so far. Only pain are the product reviews. We sell handmade jewelry from designers around the world. So we got like 2-3 pieces of one bracelet for example.


Do you know a Shopify app that can show "global" reviews and not just reviews of the shown product? It doesn't make sense to let the customers make reviews at the moment. In 2-3 months we already deleted the listing. got these types of reviews on their site. When you look at a product that has no review, automatically the global Store Reviews get shown.


Does someone know a app like this?


Thanks a lot.




Many apps support this.

I worked with Yotpo,, Loox, Opinew, and a few other review apps, most of them allow displaying the store's reviews for all products. 

(The above apps are all integrated with PageFly as drag-drop native elements, this allows you to add the "all store reviews" to any page at random positions easily without coding).

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U can use apps like Ali Reviews,,Look,... I'm currently using Ali Reviews to adds pre-set reviews from real customers from product sources (Ali Express, or from CSV). It will help you to fix your problems when you can edit and classify which reviews you want to show for buyers. I also you it to create review popups, create CService mail. There are a lot of apps can meet your need, but your need consider to your purpose for choose the best appropriate one. Let's discover by yourself guys.