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We are a gym equipment store, so we have a lot of product variants for each product (i.e. Hexagonal Dumbbell from 10 LB to 100 LB).

We are thinking of creating “packs” as bundles, so for example 2 Hexagonal Dumbbell of 20 LB + 2 Hexagonal Dumbbell of 30 LB with 10% off. But also at the same time maybe another bundle of 2 Hexagonal Dumbbell of 20 LB + 2 Hexagonal Dumbbell of 30 LB + 2 Hexagonal Dumbbell of 40 LB with 12% off. Also maybe creating another bundle that includes a Rack with an extra discount, etc.

In the end, we might create a lot of different bundle configurations including lots of product variants, and many might be repeated in multiple bundles that we might offer at the same time. We are searching for an app that works excellent in terms of keeping the inventory up to date. Also, we need the bundle to display as a separated listed product in the webpage (not inside a product that is in the bundle).

In short, we want to create new products, that are actually bundles of single products (many of these have been set as variants, for webpage display reasons) in many different configurations and options, all whilst keeping the inventory up-to-date. These "new products" (bundles) should not have an SKU, but are indeed associated with multiple ones (of single products).

Thanks a lot in advance for your time and support!

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Hi @Volbap!

Jay here from Shopify.

I love the gym concept of your store! The best way to go about setting up bundles would probably be through the Shopify App Store. There are a lot of apps there but I took a look and found the following apps that you might be interested in:

 Bundler ‑ Product Bundles
 UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Funnel
 Bundle Products and Discounts

It looks like some apps have free trials so you can download them and test it out.

Another option that you can look into would be to get something custom-made by a Shopify Expert. This customization would definitely be a higher initial cost but would save you having to set up a monthly membership.

Do you think any of these options could work for what you're looking for?

All the best, Jay

Jay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey! Thanks a lot for your support Jay.


I will review those options as well as Advanced Bundle Products, which is one that also seems to fit our needs. 

Also, I will keep in mind the Shopify Expert approach, maybe to implement it in the future.




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We know that you have already found your solution, however, if you want to test out another app we hope that you take a look at: Simile.

Simile provides AI powered e-commerce solutions for:

1) Upselling

2) Bundling

3) Personalization (AI powered recommendations relevant to your customers)

4) AI powered Visual Search (similar to Pinterest!)


We hope that you check out our Smart Bundle app to see if it fits your needs.

If you need any help, we encourage you to contact our developer team.


Really hope this helps you and your store.

Happy selling!