Searching for an APP that allows a NOTIFY OF RESTOCK label to appear on OUT OF STOCK Products in my online boutique WWW.SHOPCLOSETRUNWAY.COM

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I own and am trying to improve the shopping experience for my customers . I need an app that not only allows me to have a Notify of Restock signup link on the product page but also places a label on the actual product picture on the main page before clicking to view that item. RIght now I have used In Stock Reminder App and it only allows me to post a notify of restock link form on the actual product page but does not give me the label on the actual item when viewing on the main page to encourage a customer to go signup. The item just says Out Of Stock underneath. This would not encourage anyone to click on it and even look to see if there is a signup. I need something that lets my customers know they can sign up by clicking the picture....thus taking them to the product where they can sign up via the link. Does anyone understand what I am needing? I would prefer something that was free or very low in cost.

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Hey Robert,

This is Max, one of the Gurus here at Shopify. 

I did some digging around for apps that might enable that functionality for you. It looks like there isn't any that do both of the things that you mentioned above. 

Something you may want to try is to use an app that can add a "sticker" to the product picture on the collections pages. An app that can do this is Product Sticker. This way you can use the Stock Reminder App in addition to Product Sticker. You would be able to have the sign up form on your product page and notify your customers that they can sign up from the collection pages. 

You also might want to get this custom coded into your store if you don't find any app solutions that work for you. You could try getting a quote from one of our Shopify Experts.

Hope that helps :)

Max P | Shopify Guru


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Hey @Robert_Bishop1 

I'm new to the Shopify community, and I came across your post on looking for an app for customised tags. These will be vital for nudging visitors to purchase by highlights your products and grabbing attention of your customers.

We have developed an app (
Modemagic) that will allow you to add product stickers/badges on your catalog within seconds. Check out this app on Shopify here.

We have an extensive collection of stickers/badges suiting to any need. No complex edits, no back & forth with designers. Update your store within a few minutes! 


Don’t find a sticker that meets your need, reach out to us on chat for a custom design! We also create stickers in various languages.

Hope this helps :) Do let me know if you need any help.


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