Second hand car dealer Shopify insights needed

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Hi I am Marcel from Yuspify

It's a calling out to all the Shopify shop owners especially online second hand car dealers,

Currently we are testing our plug and play recommendation app, Yuspify, and we have identified a few pain points that we can eliminate and improve your experience with recommendation engines and widgets


If you are a second hand car dealer, in your experiences with recommender engines, where do you see borderline of computer - generated and human intelligence? While fine-tuning the algorithms to maximize your conversions, there are several cases the AI can’t really compete the human shop admin’s or owner’s competences to handpick and polish the best selections on the presentation layer.

With what kind of products did you feel a the largest disharmonies between the engine’s selections and your selections?

Where you feel these disharmonies?

-Top sales,

-People who bought this were also interested in

-People also bought it

-Products recommended for you etc..

-Similar products,


Feel free to share your experiences with recommendation engines and algorithms in Shopify.

In turn get access to our early bird programme with 100 discount!

OTHER Retailers are also welcome!

Thank you for your cooperation