Seeking recommendation for complex product options

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Hi everyone.  I'm working on a client's new store and am having trouble finding an app solution for the client's product options.  Hoping someone here can provide some guidance.  Here's the setup:


Let's say a product has 6 options for a total of 200 combinations.


Three options have dynamic prices (the price will be different depending on each unique combination):

size, color, material

Example: changing the color to Blue will not always increase the price by $5.


And three options have static prices (the price is always the same):

taste $5, scent $10, texture $15


This exceeds vanilla Shopify's option limit of 3 and variant limit of 100.


I've looked at a bunch of apps that permit "infinite" product options, but only for static pricing (e.g., Add giftwrap for $5 ).  I need a way to specify the price for each combination of size, color, and material.


I've thought about using the vanilla options for size, color, and material and using an app for the static prices for taste, scent, and texture.  It works, but isn't viable because the total number of size, color, and material options still exceeds Shopify's limit of 100.

Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.