Selecting Product Options - step by step solution possible? (with custom descriptions and images)

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I'm struggling to find a good solution to my needs and thought that maybe some could give their thought and ideas how to solve that issue. 


Basically I would like to offer a product selection option similar to this:

(this website does not use Shopify)


Which in my case, the customer:

Step 1. picks "product item A" - 3 choices

then clicks the button "choose product item B" (or the "item B" automatically selection will be available)


Step 2. "picks "product item B" - 2 choices

then clicks the button "choose product item C" (or the "item C" automatically selection will be available)


Step 3. "picks "product item C" - 5 choices

then clicks the button "go to checkout" (or similar)



The best would be if the customer can see and choose one item at once and see only the images related to that option. 


A lot of variation apps will cluster all the variation options into one product page (so you can see and pick all the options at the same time).A random sample image of what I mean:

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 18.21.28.png


A something closer to my needs was this app -

(There it will open the second option once you have chosen the "storage"). But it will show only one image and no option specific description. 


Is there an app which looks and does something similar to the remarkable product page?

A) shows one option at a time 

B) shows images related to that selection only (multiple image carrousel would be the best)

C) shows a specific info/description based on selected option

D) Instead of product variants, each option chosen is a separate product in cart


Thank you!