Sell Through Reports?

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I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I am looking for an app that offers a 'Sell through report', so I can track sales of said Brand and items in those brands, what percent has sold in a given time etc.

Header information would be similar too...
Vendor / Tag / Units Delivered / Cost Figure Delivered / Units Sold / Unit Returns / Figure Sold / Unit sell through.

information extracted could be -
Adidas Y-3 / AW16 / 209 / £11,900 / 146 / 13 / £19,975 / 63.64%

Sorry hard to do explain this on here.

Any questions let me know, many thanks for your help


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Hi Matthew , Please let me know if you need my help , I can build you this report (with no charge)

please contact me via

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Hello, I too wish to add Sell Through Reports to my Shopify account please - it is my most important tool and can longer continue without one!


Cab you please help?

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Hello @Matthew_Dormer,

With Report Pundit, you can create the sell-through report as mentioned by you. We will need only the units that were added to the store.

Fields that you mentioned already exist. Vendor name, Order tag, Product tag, units sold, units returned, total sales.

The selected fields can be viewed on the screen over any date range.

Our support team can create custom reports as well.

Contact us if you have more questions at


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