Sellify Apps & UCD: We're in Discussions with Shopify to Appeal the Ban. Here's what's happening

Hi everyone, this is Nivesh here from Sellify.

I first want to thank everyone who has commented in support of us. I want to share with the community about what is going on.

Original Announcement of the ban:

A community post where several merchants are requesting Shopify to reconsider:


One of our employees who was in a trusted position participated in selling paid reviews, however this was completely outside of our apps and outside of any company resources. They worked with an outside service provider on Fiverr and used their own personal email account.

Our team had no idea about this and only found out unexpectedly when Shopify emailed us saying they were going to delist all our apps. The individual was immediately questioned and had their employment terminated.

Fortunately, they are co-operating with us and have provided the Shopify team with all the evidence from conversations, emails, payments, etc to prove that they acted alone and outside of Sellify Apps. We have shared all of this with the Shopify team and are waiting to hear back from them.

As you can imagine, this has greatly impacted our business. This business is the sole income for most of our employees, so many innocent people will be affected due to this decision, especially during covid-19 which is extra difficult for many of us already, and I don't think it is fair to punish an entire company for the mistake of one employee. Unfortunately Shopify did not reach out to us before any of this to communicate or clarify, so we had absolutely no idea and not even a chance to explain.

We are really hoping Shopify will take into consideration all the evidence we have shared with them, along with the plea from many merchants to revert the ban. As a company, we have always strived to support the merchants and to go above and beyond to serve our customers in order to provide them with the best service possible. We always listen to feedback and improve where ever we can based on feedback from our clients


Many merchants have emailed us letting us know that many of our apps are an essential part of their business and losing these will greatly impact their business.

Regardless of Shopify's decision, we will have solutions so that our clients can continue to use ALL our apps, so please don't worry, the functionalities from all our apps will continue to work and we will provide updates soon so please stay tuned.

The last thing we want is for our merchants to also suffer along with us.

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Hey guys,


I will also share what I sent to shopify support regarding this:


Hi shopify,

we recieved a message from Sellify regarding your plan to remove them from Shopify store. As it was explained to us - this was a result of one particular employee action and he was fired immediately. I would like to say that we are using Sellify Ultimate Cart Drawer - it is by far the best cart drawer out there. The sellify team was always very responsive and we are also using their services for custom development.

They are always super professional team and we are cooperating with them on many other projects. We all know that there are all kinds of apps on shopify store and I could name at least dozen (that I know of) that do not work as expected or are full of bugs. Sellify and their Ultimate Cart Drawer is NOT one of them. Its one of the fastest and most reliable app we have and we are using it currently on 16 shopify stores - all of them are shopify plus.

Removing them from your store would result in huge problems for us. And as I said - they were always the most PRO team we have ever worked with. So I would like to ask you if you could maybe reconsider this move and give them a chance to prove that they really are a professional team.

Thank you and have a good day!


Also - few things to point out:


1) this is a drastic move and it impacts sellers using shopify and sellify apps! We have NO WAY to replace the cart drawer in 8 days. We spent months on custom development for this together with Sellify coders. Also - we currently have 16 stores on shopify plus that will be affected by this decision. So this is huge for us and its a very unexpected move from shopify...

2) compiled list of alternative apps has NO REPLACEMENT for Cart Drawer. Thats the main functionality of this app. Upsells are just a bonus... Shopify only provided upsell alternatives, no cart drawer...

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This is poor form on Shopify. Many sellers use this app and the impact is huge on us. 

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I hope everything works out! Our company love your apps and they’re big part of mailing lots of our sales. Please Shopify reconsider!

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I will be contacting my attorney tomorrow. The issue is not removal fo the apps (no app can last forever) but the timeframe we have been given to replace and the lack of transparency from Shopify.


This is a very very bad precedent if it is allowed to proceed and Shopify's customers need to regain power NOW.

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Happy to see that Shopify is finally taking measures to remove such apps from eco-system. Being a merchant we are heavily dependent on reviews and if partners start gaming the system like this, that's not good for anyone.

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What?? So you think its OK if we (yes merchants) spend money and months of time on development on top of an app from shopify store and then shopify comes and says - hey, because of our INTERNAL deal with this app developer, you (merchant) will loose the app??? You live in a strange world mate... 


So I guess - before I install ANY app from shopify store next time I should review every line of shopify vs app developer terms and then ask shopify if this particular developer did something against those terms and then I should also reach out to this developer asking the same thing and then maybe I can try to install the app and hope that shopify doesnt remove it anytime they want....

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Every merchant has their own experience so I've expressed mine. First of all integration with any app shouldn't take a month. If it does, something is wrong with your process. Apps are meant to be plug and play based on your needs and you shouldn't be carving your business based off of a third party app. They aren't core to Shopify, they just provide additional features and functionalities.

Every eco-system needs to have a governance around it and that's what Shopify seems to be doing to protect all merchants to become victims. You might be technical enough to understand apps dynamics but not all merchants are, like myself who are heavily dependent on reviews from other merchants. 

Regarding your second part, you won't need to do that if Shopify continues governing the eco system.

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As a seller using the Sellify apps, we have never seen any questionable solicitations, and the cart drawer has been an invaluable part of our business - nearly 2 of every 3 sales use the cart drawer add on. Please reconsider, Shopify lords. 

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