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Hi, I just saw the notice about Sellify. just a couple of notes.
1. I understand the need to penalize the developer, but removing all apps seems severe as the ones that are affected are us, the users, and not all apps were involved in the review fiasco. 
2. regarding UCD; there is not a single recommendation on the list that has side cart functionality, just cart upsells. 
3. UCD is so far the best and most customizable side cart app, already tried two apps and they are the vanilla type with no scripting or styling on top of the basic app (if anyone knows a good one where I can customize 100% the cart, let me know). 
4. giving only 8 business days to change something as important to conversion like the cart, on themes heavily customized to work around these apps, seems extremely short, not to mention the cost we now need to assume. 
5. developing a brand new drawer cart from scratch with the functionality of these apps is highly unrealistic in such amount of time. 

I would like to know if it is possible to extend the ban on apps not involved in the review issue, so we can figure out and do a correct assessment either inhouse or third party, or if anyone know a good app that would let me edit the html/css of the side cart appearance itself and not just presets. 


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100% agree, 8 business days notice is a joke...  I would think 30days notice would be a more suitable.  This only hurts the sellers.

So, in 10 days we need to find a suitable replacement, install/customize/test and don't forget manage our store in the mean time.  come on.



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Agree. It's absurd. The only alternative I have found is iCart Cart Drawer Upsell. 

Not as good, but the only option I can find that has drawer upsells.

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I am trying that one too, however it slows down my whole site, there admin is looking at it now.

others of interest:

Flying Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer

Sticky Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer

Slide Cart ‑Sticky Cart Drawer

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Hey try this app I am sure it will fulfill your needs:-

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Community Manager
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Hi all, thanks for this feedback - it has been shared with the team.

I want to reiterate that only Sellify apps were removed from the Shopify App Store due violations of the Partner Agreement detailed here.

I understand this requires action on your part so we appreciate your understanding.

TyW | Online Community Manager @ Shopify 
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HI there, I installed the app but I have a couple of questions, what's your approach to edit the css/html of the actual drawer? I don't see it possible to rearrange the in cart items, for example:
IMG | Tittle     price

IMG| quantity    remove

I went to the installed liquid file but doesn't seem to accept the edits, I guess the script rearranges the layout, anyway to overdrive the actual layout of items, upsells, css style the img field, etc.?
I also don't see the progress bar for promotions, are those available? 


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why banning all apps when it was only one individual inside the company and one app affected?. this is really troublesome as the actual UCD app was following the T&C, banning just generates unnecessary stress for both parties. Who made this decision inside shopify, because it doesn't make sense to be honest, either ban the app, or ask to be compliant or at the very minimum solve the issue. 

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Hi TyW,

Thank you for the update. I have been a Shopify member for several years now, and I have come across many apps and plugins. Among them, the Sellify UCD app is by far one of the best. As many of us have stated, the replacement apps listed cannot compare to the level of functionality and appeal that the Sellify cart drawer has provided. Beyond this, the support I have received from the developers here is unprecedented. Many times they have solved my problems or made adjustments to their app in a timely manner. In all honesty, I would consider this to be the best plugin on my storefront, and it will substantially impact my business if we loose it.

We completely understand that what has happened goes against strictly outlined codes of conduct and that there must be consequences, but we are asking, if there is anyway, to rethink this decision. This morning, I reached out to their support team to inquire about the charges in question, to which I was informed that the violations had been performed by a sole individual within the company, who has since been terminated from his or her position. As I understand it, they are currently placing an appeal. I do not know any further details than this, but I will say that these circumstances seem forgivable from my point of view. The rules are the rules, and we understand this, but if there is room for an exception, many of us will be beyond grateful.

If there is any further information I can provide to persuade you and/or whoever has the power to override this call, I will do so. I do not mean to undermine the severity of the charges, but I believe that our vote should count for something.

Kind regards,

Hi everyone, this is Nivesh here from Sellify.

I first want to thank everyone who has commented in support of us. I want to share with the community about what is going on.

I have just made a post to share with the community what's happening and we are currently trying to appeal this ban. The original post is here:

I will also share it below:


Original Announcement of the ban:

A community post where several merchants are requesting Shopify to reconsider:


One of our employees who was in a trusted position participated in selling paid reviews, however this was completely outside of our apps and outside of any company resources. They worked with an outside service provider on Fiverr and used their own personal email account.

Our team had no idea about this and only found out unexpectedly when Shopify emailed us saying they were going to delist all our apps. The individual was immediately questioned and had their employment terminated.

Fortunately, they are co-operating with us and have provided the Shopify team with all the evidence from conversations, emails, payments, etc to prove that they acted alone and outside of Sellify Apps. We have shared all of this with the Shopify team and are waiting to hear back from them.

As you can imagine, this has greatly impacted our business. This business is the sole income for most of our employees, so many innocent people will be affected due to this decision, especially during covid-19 which is extra difficult for many of us already, and I don't think it is fair to punish an entire company for the mistake of one employee. Unfortunately Shopify did not reach out to us before any of this to communicate or clarify, so we had absolutely no idea and not even a chance to explain.

We are really hoping Shopify will take into consideration all the evidence we have shared with them, along with the plea from many merchants to revert the ban. As a company, we have always strived to support the merchants and to go above and beyond to serve our customers in order to provide them with the best service possible. We always listen to feedback and improve where ever we can based on feedback from our clients


Many merchants have emailed us letting us know that many of our apps are an essential part of their business and losing these will greatly impact their business.

Regardless of Shopify's decision, we will have solutions so that our clients can continue to use ALL our apps, so please don't worry, the functionalities from all our apps will continue to work and we will provide updates soon so please stay tuned.

The last thing we want is for our merchants to also suffer along with us.

CEO - Sellify Apps