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Hi there,


I am currently trying to optimise the workflow of the ticket-sales within our shop.


Background: We are selling tickets for in-house workshops. We are using the Mail-Chimp-App to add customers to event-specific mailing lists so we can send out information in advance. 


Use-Case: Person A of company XY is buying 2 tickets for their colleagues Person B and Person C. During the checkout they can enter the names and contact mail-address of Person B and Person C. This way Person B and Person C get added via mailchimp to our event-specific mailing list.


Problem: Currently the person buying the Tickets (Person A) cannot enter participants during the checkout so the only mail-address we get is the one of Person A. This requires a lot of manual labour on our end to update the mailing lists.


Is there any App in the shopify app-store that can help us change the checkout process to gather the participant information?


If you need more information from my side please feel free to ask.

Thanks for taking your time!



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Currently the person buying the Tickets cannot enter participants during the checkout

Customers using BookThatApp capture the participant names on the product page. Here is an example: Note that when you increase the quantity it allows you to capture the additional names/email addresses. 


BookThatApp supports sending emails so perhaps you could use that instead of Mailchimp. Or you can create a custom report and export the emails/addresses.


Thanks, Gavin.
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Our application Evey Events Management may be able to help you! 

Our application will allow you to create events that appear on your Shopify store as a product. 
When users purchase this product they are automatically added to the event’s attendee list in Evey and a ticket is sent to them via email/sms.
We also have a mail chimp integration that will allow you stay in contact with your attendees with event related information.

You can even use cart attributes to collect information for each attendee if the user purchases multiple tickets. 
We have a guide on how that can be set up here and if you have any questions about the application or setting up cart attributes to test it yourself please reach out to us, we are always here to help!