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I'm looking for an app or a way to create a product that is a "kit" of different other products I have without have to manage the inventory/availability of said kit. It would depend on the availability of its components. For example:


I have 8 of Product A, 5 of Product B and 5 of Product C.


Product D is a kit made up of 1 of each of Products A, B and C. Automatically, the availability of Product D would be 5 (lowest availability of the components). If I sell 1 of Product D, inventories of A, B and C would go down automatically to 7, 4 and 4, respectively. If I then sell 4 of Product A "on their own", the availability of Kit-Product D would go down to 3 (because I have only 3 of Product A left, but 4 each of Products B and C). 


Is this clear? Is there an app for that?


Thank you!

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Hello, @VinceDelz.


Elias here with Shopify Support. Thank you for reaching out.


I understand you’re looking for an app to create kits or bundles with your other products, without having to manage the inventory manually. I think an app for this is definitely a great solution as they can keep track of each product’s inventory. By creating a bundle with an app, the bundle will base it’s availability on the product with the lowest inventory - doing exactly what you’re looking for. That said, I’ve handpicked a couple for you and they also have a free trial for you to try them out:


- Bold Bundles - Product Bundles - Bold Bundles can create BOGO offers if you’re looking for more functionality.

- Bundles by Gazebo - Bundles is highly rated and a little more cost efficient.


If you need any help with these apps, you can always reach out to the developers directly through the contact information found in the Support section of the app’s page. 


I hope this provides a couple of options for you to look into. If you have any other questions on bundles, don’t hesitate to let me know in this thread!

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Hi @VinceDelz 

For your issue, I would recommend you use the Bundles app. This app has many features that meet your requirement:

  • Make the bundle products process super simple
  • Tiered pricing for multipacks widget
  • Keep your inventory up to date
  • Automatically sync your inventory for the bundles
  • Allow you to track the inventory easily

This app gives you a 10-day free trial so you could try it before deciding to buy it or not. Beside Bundles, you could also try other product bundles apps that may fit your requirements. To get the Bundles app and others, you can visit here.

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I am now certain no one at Shopify understands the difference between "Kits" and "Bundles". Aaaaaarrrrgh!!!

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@ErikH @VinceDelz You can do this with Trunk's bundling/kitting functionality. See how it works here:

⚡Sync your stock levels + bundles/kits in real-time between any number of Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Faire, QuickBooks Online, Squarespace, Square, Tundra, WooCommerce stores with Trunk
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Okay. Now this looks promising. I will contact you directly with questions. Thank you.