Sending out a limited number of products, recurring weekly.

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Thanks in advance for any help! 

Looking to set up a limited number of packages for our bakery, per week. For example, 

-5 sets of : 1 Raisin bread and 1 Chocolate bread and 1 Red Bean bread

-5 sets of : 1 Walnut bread and 1 Cream bread and 1 Mango bread

available per week. 


I would like to be able for clients to order a few weeks in advance. So if they ordered for 3 weeks from now, that would only deduct from that week's allowance of 5, and now the new stock will be 4 for that week. We would still have 5 sets available for weeks before and after that week. (So the client's order is not recurring but our availability of that set is recurring since we can produce 5 sets per week.) 


Anyone know an app that would help us to be able to manage these kinds of sets and their availability?


Thanks so much!