Ship individual products in multiples (of 6)

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Hey y'all.


We sell cookies. So far individually, make your own selection kind of deal, with a minimum of 6.


However, our packaging is optimized for half dozens and full dozens, so we would like to limit purchases to multiples of six, while still giving our customers the freedom to choose the combination of individual items.


How can we create a product, say for a 6-pack, and allow customers to choose any combination of items (which are at the moment our products)? Ideally it would all happen on one page.

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Your template should support adding items to the cart from a single page. You should be able to find a lot of themes that support this functionality. You would require to edit your template shopping cart to show it only when cart.items_count should be divisible by 6 and greater than 1


You would need to write a condition along with a message to let the customer know that it should be multiples of 6

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