Shipping Rates Logic App: Carrier Calculated Shipping feature is missing from your store

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I am using Shipping Rate Logic App for calculating shipping rate.

Recently I am getting this warning from that app. So I am unable to configure the carrier app to calculate rates.

Carrier Calculated Shipping feature is missing from your store.
This is a Shopify feature required for any application to give shipping prices to the customer. Contact Shopify to have it turned on. Shopify will charge you $20/mo or you can switch to annual billing with Shopify and they will enable it for free.

How to resolve this?

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Hi @anandinfo,

When using any third-party rate calculator app, Shopify requires you to have their carrier-calculated shipping feature enabled. If you're on either the 'Basic' or 'Shopify' plan, this feature costs USD $20/ month. If you switch to annual billing, Shopify will include the feature at no extra cost and give you 10% off the plan. If you're on the 'Advanced' plan or higher, the feature is already included.

To enable this feature, go to your Shipping & delivery settings and scroll down to the bottom. You should see a prompt to enable this. Or, reach out to Shopify support and request to have this feature enabled on your store.

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Hi @anandinfo,

As Ron has mentioned here, the warning comes up since you have not enabled carrier-calculated rates in your store. If you want to calculate and display shipping rates from different carriers in Shopify or using an app, you need to enable this in your store. There are three options to enable this;

  • Add this feature for an additional $20/month on your current Shopify plan
  • Choose a yearly subscription for your current Shopify plan, with which you can get this option for free, along with a 10% discount on the plan.
  • Upgrade your plan to Advanced Shopify Plan

You can choose any of these and contact Shopify support to enable it in your store.

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