ShopMessage and other FB Message Apps, some updates since OCT 6th?

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Hi all,

Since the new FB change of policies for the until now used FB messanger widget that was prechecked, to unchecked, there are any other apps that solve or offer something similar?


As all the Apps that were using this have implemented nothing, but still out there charging high $ for it, even they do not work anymore.

Recart APP has implemented a widget to offer the customers to opt-in to receive FB messages from us in exchange of cupons, but its far from the tricky method used until now.

Other APPs as ShopMessage have done nothing to keep update, so they are just getting good reviews for the FREE TRIAL for posting a Positive Review, where users even did not try the APP.

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Some of these apps have been grandfathered into the pre-check mode.  But you should definitely check with them first before you consider using it as Facebook's policies changes frequently and they adjust it according to consumer pressure or backlash. As far as Facebook Messenger goes, it's a pretty new channel but also an important one for Facebook so I imagine they are going to be more strict about it's policy over time.

This happened with Facebook Newsfeed (Remember all those Farmville notifications?), Facebook Ads (you can't target by employers thanks to all the Russian/Hate ads), and Brand's that used Influencers as well (You need to disclose if an influencer post is sponsored). 

Basically, as their channel mature, they are going to enforce more policies as people (marketers) use them in ways they didn't anticipate or affect their consumer trust.  Facebook needs people to keep using Facebook, and if people don't like what they're seeing, they are going to report it - or some media publication is going to highlight them.

So the best time to try is now, when it's wide open! I've been advising my clients to experiment with Messenger (and Messenger Ads) which are still under utilized.  Just like when Facebook Ads first started, you could have gotten unlimited traffic at $0.10 a click.  At that time, people were complaining about losing their Organic posts in Facebook Pages.  But if you paid $0.10/click versus complaining that you didn't get free clicks, you would be really far ahead now. :)

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Hey tutzo12!


Why dont you try Flashchat Messenger Marketing?


It provides merchants with several growth tools like smart popups, widgets, add-to-cart popups that can be fully configured and build high Messenger optins with a GDPR-compliant way. 


Integrates also with Privy which allows you to utilize the populr exit popups and turbo-boost your FB Messenger subscribers.

Privy integration is also available on the Free Plan.