Shopify API Billing Beta Program

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hello Developers, We are excited to announce our API Billing Beta Program today. This is something we have been working on to complement the release of the API and App Store. The Billing portion of our API will make it easy for developers to make money with their Shopify apps. *How will it work?* There will be two building blocks: Monthly fixed fee charges and one time charges. Both kinds of charges will be created programatically by your application, through our API, and will require confirmation by the merchant. You are free to use these building blocks to mix monthly fees and one time charges. In terms of the monthly fees, we will handle all of the billing cycle logic and charge the merchant's account for the fixed monthly amount. You will be able to provide different pricing plans as well, so merchants can upgrade/downgrade. Once again we will handle the logic of pro-rating subscriptions, etc. *How much do I get?* After we have collected the charges from the merchant, we will pay 80% of those charges to your Paypal account through our partner program. The Billing API is currently in beta form, so if you are interested in participating please send me an email and we will beta enable your partner account and send you everything you need to get started.
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