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I'm new to shopify and I am trying to help someone set up a marketing campaign and am trying to find the right kinds of Shopify apps to do this. I need an app (multiple apps) that accomplish these goals:

1. We want our customers or new visitors to apply on our site to become influencers or product ambassadors.
2. When someone fills out an application to be an influencer, we want to divide the applications into 3 buckets - VIP1, VIP2, VIP3.

3. Each VIP tier would get assigned a different discount (20%, 30%, 15%) to our store--but we want the discount to only be applied to 1 specific product in our store. 

4. The process needs to be automated.

Are there any apps that can help us do this?

Hi @CCmarketmedia ,


What you propose is indeed a great way to obtain word of mouth effect. With this case, I highly recommend using a loyalty program like or Both of these apps provide a great way to change your shopper into your ambassadors.




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