Shopify App proxy not working- generating 404 error

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I have a app that gets opend when the shop loads. There is a button in the app that should ideally call the dashbaord.html of my applicaiton. I have a proxy configured as apps/name which maps to https://<<my applicaiton code>>/<<path>>/<<path2>>. My applicaiton is a Spring Java applicaiton and path2 request mapping generates applicaiton/liquid which is a .html file.

But when the Shopify site loads and the app loads, it gives 404 error for http://<my shopify site/apps/name. Its not resolving the proxy.


Any help and solution is highly appreciated.

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Hey @pjjeevan 


I am working with similar issue as well, but I guess I know the solution for your error, go to the Shopify apps page, check your apps about page, it must show proxy URL, if it doesn't than just reinstall your app once, after that you will be able to see that App Proxy URL in about page.


Apps page:


App About Page:


I guess this one will help you, I had face one more issue after this process, once the app is installed, app proxy page is working properly, then I reinstall the app and app proxy URL will be changed, it will have -1 suffix after URL, which is making trouble with me.


Thank you.

@uttam_hulkapps that absolutely did it for me, thank you very much!

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