Shopify Custom app to get store data

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Below is our use case. 

We need to retrive shopify store data like - customers, orders, products, collections. This is an ETL process so we get the data from shopify store and store in our database which can be used to represent in our own app.

We have used the private app to get the shopify data using the Admin API.

I just want to know if we can use the custom app to do the ETL authentication, as this process is timed and human interaction is not possible. As per documentation, custom apps support oAuth authentication and there are no examples available where custom app is used for data extraction.


Any use case will be very helpful

Thank you!

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You get the API tokens via going through the OAuth flow:

Once you have the API token you can either iterate through the Orders API endpoints:

..or if you just care about new orders you can subscribe to numerous webhooks which will post the entire Order payload to you:





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