Shopify Email App Not Loading

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Hello! I have been trying to use the Shopify Email App for the past couple days, however, after I select an email draft work on it does not load properly and then I get this error:

"There’s a problem loading this page

There’s a technical problem with Shopify that has prevented this page from loading. Try reloading this page or going to another page in Shopify. If that doesn’t work, visit our status page

for updates and try again later."

I've tried making sure my internet is working properly, and it is. I am using the Firefox browser. I have also tried my other apps and none of them are having any issues loading. My website launches tomorrow night so I would really like to be able to put out an email then about the opening. Any ideas about what might be causing this?

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I am having the same issue. Every time I try to edit a previous email I get this error message as well. I'm forced to create emails again from scratch.