Shopify Flow - Order Created, Line Items, Product Type

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I'm new to Flow and love it. In just an hour, or so, I've rendered hundreds of lines of my in-house api code obsolete :) Some things, understandably... such as fulfilling individual line items based on payment method... can't be done at this time... correct?


But the next one seems like a miss... I'm wondering why, in my Workflow, Product Type isn't one of the options I can search conditionally for while looping over the line items in an order. Currently it seem that I can only search for specific Product Names and Product Titles? I have about 20 products that all have the same product type... I'd much rather just configure my Workflow to search for one product type, than to configure 20 separate product names into my workflow. I'm using Flow to tag incoming orders with fulfillment_team_names.. based on the line items in the order. Thanks!


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