Shopify Geolocation

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It seems like the app only makes recommendations for currency,however it does not seem to change the store language.

It also needs the option to translate the popup message.

There are some features in Shopify that I am really surprised are not native to Shopify.


This app needs to provide the option to automatically change language and currency based on IP address of the customer.

Also perhaps provide. an option to link a specific country with a specific currency.


Why publishing an app that is able to do so much but strip it from all its functionality.

Ok Shopify makes money from app developers but things like Geolocation, auto-language and auto-currency switcher as well as multi language support should be native to shopify and we should not have to rely on third party developers. 

I came from Opencart and it has been in its e-commerce core for nearly a decade being multi lingual and having auto selectors based on IP.