Shopify Local Delivery API Integration Needed ASAP

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Hi Shopify,

Can you please allow other apps to integrate into your local delivery app or API in general? There are too many limitations with your pickup and delivery platform and it cannot integrate with last mile or on-demand delivery services. As an SMB, I cannot operate a fleet for same day delivery and future deliveries, but there are services that let SMBs operate like larger corporations. If you let other apps integrate with your Local Delivery API then stores would be able to utilize all available delivery options while also utilizing our own delivery services. For example, I run my own delivery service but also utilize DoorDash Drive as a white label same-day delivery service. I cannot do this and use the Shopify Local Deliveries to integrate into my POS or the Local Deliveries App. Or as another example, in one market I operate my own delivery service and in another market Roadie operates my delivery service. Again, this can't be done via Shopify but could be if Shopify opened it's API for local delivery.