Shopify Local Delivery App


You can use AppJetty Delivery Date Manager that will help you stay on top of your customers’ orders. Your customers would have the flexibility to select the time and date of delivery. They can even opt for the same day delivery option. You, on the other hand, can manage cut-off time for orders and customize the delivery date. It easily integrates with Shopify. 

Moreover, it provides various features that are beneficial to the customers.

  1. Date and time selection
  2. Restrict delivery period
  3. Add the minimum number of shipping days
  4. Add cut-off time
  5. Present delivery date
  6. Customize delivery date picker
  7. Delivery comments
  8. Update delivery dates
  9. No-contact delivery
  10. Enhanced shipping configurations
  11. View delivery calendar

The best part is that it easily integrates with a POS system. 

If you want to know more about this app, you can visit our site  Shopify Delivery Date.

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This doesn't help the issues raised.

We are all using Shopify Local Delivery App. It only works in the front end. We want to be able to manually add orders into the existing app not buy a new one from you. Sorry. 



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Hi all,

We've created a local delivery routes planner app called EasyRoutes that turns all your Shopify orders into local delivery routes in seconds. It solves a number of the pain points you've described for the Shopify Local Delivery app.

We were a Shopify staff pick, and are very well reviewed. We offer a free trial as well, so please check us out!

You can learn more at

EasyRoutes (https://easyroutes) - Turn your Shopify orders into local delivery routes you can share with a driver or deliver yourself.

Supertime ( - Let your customers pick a date and time for delivery or pick-up on your store cart page.
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Hi Dirk, 

What's the status on this update to making local delivery an option on manually-created orders? 
Many thanks,



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Any update on this front?  We REALLY need this functionality to connect the Local Delivery APP. to the Shopify POS or the Draft orders in admin. ... Or heaven forbid. BOTH!!!  ...  Can you help me understand why this native Local Delivery App isn't a priority for Shopify?  

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Agree. Still waiting in anticipation...

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I currently have a storefront on Shopify and will be working with an app for local delivery (shipsi for Shopify), but it has a delivery radius restriction. Customers must go through the whole process of selecting items and checkout and only find out in the end if they are eligible for shipping.  

I'm wondering if there is a way we can have customers check eligibility of service/delivery? Perhaps with establishing a webpage with a map so they can entire their address to check if they are within the 10-mile radius, or some sort of pop up. 


I want to see if there is a way to have customers validate their eligibility for delivery before the checkout step. So, if they are not eligible for delivery, they don't go through the whole process thinking it can be delivered and then be disappointed it cannot. 


 Do you think this is something that can be accomplished somehow, or have any insight as to what next step I should take?