Shopify Product Reviews App creates ghost schema data?

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I'm using the Feed Army Script for Structured Data, but have been getting warnings from Google. The Rich Results Test are showing extra schema data coming from somewhere, and after extensive testing, it seems to be the Product Reviews app itself.

The weird thing is, this isn't showing on the page source code when inspected, I indexed and searched the liquid templates, etc. Google Smartphone Bot / Google Desktop Bot somehow has ghost data that is nowhere to be found on my actual page, and I can't make any sense of it.

Does anyone have any clue how to fix this?

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Hey @Brett12 

AFAIK Google uses structured data aka rich snippets for displaying specific shop-related data, but Shopify doesn't use available schema options but I could be wrong. Are you using the Venture theme judging by your link? If data markups aren't available for structural data changes on all browsers maybe install and test the latest version of the Venture theme.

I believe the recommended method for using Rich Snippets in a Shopify theme is via apps like JSON‑LD for SEORich Snippets for SEO, or SEO JSON‑LD Boost.

Did this guide from FeedArmy help? Or check out the various 3rd-party experts like Taskhusky or HeyCarson.

I doubt it will negatively impact your SEO or sales as it only really affects Google's rich results function which mentions is not something that is guaranteed to be on your pages. AFAIK it only affects eligibility, and as you can read here.