Shopify Stockists Page: Simple new plugin (open/closing sections, no complex maps / postcodes)

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Hi guys and girls,

Lately we’ve received quite a few requests from clients to create a clean-looking, easy to use Stockists page with open and closing sections for different states, countries and regions.  There are some Shopify Apps that help with displaying stockist information in a map— but we’ve found some folks wanted something a bit simpler, without the complexities of setting up maps using co-ordinates, and without customers needing to type in their postcode.

For example, if you have 5-50 (?) stockists, the map may be overkill for what you need.  

If you just want a neat, clever way of showing all your stockists on one page, without postcode search, this plugin might help.  It’s one-off download and installation, with no monthly fees, and it installs right into your theme.  


  • You can have top-level stockist sections, such as “Online Stores” and “Retail Locations”, with a smooth-scrolling link to each section.
  • Underneath that, you can have high-levelstockist sections, such as “Australia”, “United States”, “Canada”, and so-on.
  • Underneath that, you can have lower-levelstockist sections such as states.
  • You can have each individual stockist’s details, such as store name, email address, phone number, website, and address.

Screenshot of the Shopify Stockist Plugin - below (click here to see the demo):


Shopify Stockists Plugin



And of course we are happy to answer any questions here, in the forums too.


Tristan and the team @ Blackbelt Commerce. 

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Tristan - I just purchased this plugin and then sent an email to your support email and got a bounce back saying the email address is invalid.