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I have an account and it's not allowing my to connect with Constant Contact. 

I have spoken with technical support on the Constant Contact side, they even created a fresh new account for me and it still won't connect. 

They tested their own Shopify accounts to see if they would connect to my Constant Contact account and they connected without issue meaning there is something going on with my account that doesn't allow me to connect with certain apps. 

I tried to connect to Constant Contact through the app store within Shopify and the page errors out. 

What is going on with my account? I spoke with Shopify support already via email and they said it was Constant Contact but how can it be Constant Contact when the only Shopify account that doesn't work is mine?! 

They walked me through incognito, trying other browsers, we've tested other devices, the only common factor in relation to the issue is MY SHOPIFY ACCOUNT. 

Constant Contact assisted me with manually exporting the contacts from Constant Contact for the time being but I would like this integration to work.

Please let me know what I can do asap! 

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Are you integrating using the Constant Contact App in the Shopify app store? What I can find is this official introduction from CC.

I'm a Shopify App developer and partner. It sounds like a setup or configuration issue. DM me if you need a deeper look into your store setup. 


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