Shopify and Facebook integration is a total disaster

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I made the integration and basically have 2 issues,


1- My products on facebook are shown only under "all products", ignoring the categories or collections they should be matched to.

2- I can't adversite a collection from my FBM. It won't allow me to promote it under my business page (only through my personal account), nor it would recognize the pixel, nor it would let me choose the categories or product sets I wish to advertise (just the entire all products section).


I've searched extensively and all I could found were people having the exact same problems and no solution provided.


I've tried all the solutions I've read so far


-Going to each collection to show if the checkbox is set to appear on facebook 

-Toggling it on and off

-Unistalling and reinstalling facebook sales channel from shopify and shopify apps from facebook business integrations

-Installed facebook feed app by wyred up (solution I consider made it worse and didn't help at all)


I'm sorry for the tone in which I'm speaking, but I'm really frustrated (and I think I speak on behalf of plenty of members).


Hoping to get a response soon.




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Bumping to see if I get an answer from any member of the staff.