Shopify app store, no report button ?

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Why do I keep getting emails from Shopify apps, I uninstalled months ago ?

Why is there no report button for scummy practices of third party app developpers ?

Why is my email shared in the first place, instead of using a masked email address system ?

Feels like this environment is a wild west gold rush for third parties with zero or little regulations from shopify. Looking at you Eastside co with your spam mails and fake Unsubscribe button.


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Hey Minimaltech,

I do believe you can reach out to Shopify's 24/7 support (email/chat/phone) and report any issues you're having with specific apps. Their Gurus can then escalate the complaint to the app team on your behalf and if they do find the app developers to be doing anything wrong, they'll handle it directly. or

Hope this helps,


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I agree that there should be a “report” button by the apps.  There are some developers with shady practices.  I just ran into one that has a countdown timer requiring “orders access” which makes no sense. When I asked him why, he answered “we don’t need it today, but might need it in the future”.  This is a person spying on his own customers looking for a new business to copy.  Developer guidelines does not allow access to modules that are not needed for the app.


But there is nowhere for a customer to complain!