Shopify app submission - need to know how shopify team install app on test store?

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Hi all,


This is regarding shopify app submission failure we received stating that "The app must never ask a merchant for their URL - any connectivity or information must be acquired through the OAuth process"

Actually , as per guidelines provided in our app, once app install, it need to redirect to our platform/system wherein, it'll ask for shopify store URL from user to connect their store with ours. Once connected successfully, store products and collections get synced automatically along with other stuff.

So my query here is :

  1. What process shopify app review team follows to install app on test store ?
  2. Do we need to provide them with credentials for partner account for their verification? As far as i sensed, they dont need separate account/credentials. My assumption is that Shopify team can install our app without accessing our partner account !

Let me know how to resolve this problem so that we can move further for successful re-submission.

I contacted shopify support team (on chat) but nothing conclusive come out of that interaction and in the end, they also suggested to post and ask in shopify forums.

Thanks in advance for any assistance/pointers.




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looks like you dint get any response on this forum. even we are facing the same. App disapproved and no support.

in case you get any, please do help me.

many thanks.