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Hi there! I am looking into apps that will allow me to have customers create bundles on our store. We are currently selling active wear so the bundle that we are thinking about is a customer can choose 1 top + 1 bottom from out store for a set price. I know that there are a couple of great apps to enable this and i am currently eyeing Bundler, Bundles and Bundle Products. Would like to know if there is anyone currently using these and what would be the best one to choose if we are under a tight budget? 


Is it also possible for these bundling apps to have customers choose products that are currently not for sale in the website? For example we are planning to partner with a local coffee company and they are willing to give out beans & grounds for every purchase of our bundles but we want to have our customers have the chance to pick their kind of free coffee as well. Thank you!

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You might want to check out Gifter: Auto Add to Cart


It allows you to automatically include a gift for the customer when they add a certain product or their cart reaches a certain value.


It's $5 month and there's a free trial as well: