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I'm planning to use an app that replaces the shopify checkout entirely. It is called Checkout-X. All I'm asking, is this legal to use it with shopify? Checkout X integrates via a custom made app in the shopify admin. Does this break any terms of service from shopify agreement? Thank you!

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This is an accepted solution.

I'd strongly suggest that you take a read of the API terms:

The plain english call out at the top (at time of me writing this) says:

Don’t monitor the API for benchmarking purposes. Use Shopify Checkout for payments and don’t divert to any other web checkout or payment processing (unless you have our permission). Don’t build apps intended to move merchants off of Shopify, remove Shopify branding, or attempt to substantially reproduce our products or services.

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Shopify requires to switch the old POS to ALL NEW POS. But I tried a whole day yesterday. Tried to get help from Shopify. Their has no customer service anymore. It is just dead loop by asking you to find a topic and ask you if you are answered. No matter answered or not, it leads you back to "Help" home page.  Phone and email service not available anymore. No service person available. Even no robot available. Not sure what Shopify is doing now. By the way, I am a 4 year shopify user. I am desperately disappointed. Not know where to get help. No know what I can do.