Shopify external link to the cart or checkout with Recharge app

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So my goal is to create an external link for a banner which will lead to the checkout page (or cart page) with a specific product in it. The problem is that it has to use recharge app because the products are subscriptions. When checkout the url is

checkout_url= ""+myshopify_domain+"&cart_token="+token+"&"+ga_linker+"&"+customer_param;

with cart token. The token is generated when the product is added to the cart. And here is the problem. If the product is removed from the cart the token is also removed and the URL doesn't work. I found this KB from recharge app but I'm not sure how to use it. I was thinking for URL{product_id}:{quantity}

but it sends to shopify checkout page not recharge app.{product_id}

This URL sends to the cart but when the product was added this way a token is not generated and clicking on checkout button sends to shopify checkout.
Any help will be appreciated.

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Wondering if you found the solution to this. Stuck in a similar situation