Shopify for wordpress, order processing.. help needed!

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Hi guys, I’m about to start a small commerce store for one customisable product.

I had planned to wait until Facebook Checkout became available in the UK and simply create the store on there. However its occurred to me that facebook will probably not have the function to allow a user to upload an image when placing there order.

I’ve already got server space so have decided to take the shopify for wordpress route. My question… Is there a plugin or something that will help me organise my orders so that the uploaded images are tagged with an order number or similar so I can systematically print and assign correct postal labels?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

Many thanks

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Welcome to Shopify!

It's unclear what you are attempting to do. Are you trying to sell products using Shopify but on WordPress, or the other way around? I'm afraid there's no definitive solution for neither. For
eCommerce on WP, your best bet is WooCommerce, albeit Shopify sync plugin exists such as WP Shopify (never used it).