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Hi there, I wish to ask about experience with integrating Zásilkovna - The Czech delivery servis - into Shopify eshop. We started an eshop for merchandise of a famous Czech musician, more than a month ago and it got very busy with high turnovers from day one. We decided to use Shopify having positive experience with it from another e-shop from different country. In this case, however, we struggle a big deal to integrate the designated application Packeta from the Sounds Good Agency (who shall be a Shopify Certified Expert) into our e-shop. We got that far that we are now considering to migrate the shop from Shopify to some local platform.

Zásilkovna is a progressive alternative to standard delivery services and is widely used in the Czech Republic. No eshop can really go without it, in the country. It works in a way that during the check-out, the eshop client shall be redirected to a page where he/she selects delivery point from various options, and then he is redirected back to the eshop checkout to finish and pay. We started the integration with installation of the especially designated app from the Sound Good Agency. The installation seemed to go ok but it did not do the trick and the Zasilkovna extension would not pop up during the check out. We contacted the support from the Sound Good Agency and it has been hell ever since. They seem to have no idea. We gave them all details, we even gave them full access to the page admin and still got no help. Not mentioning that they just communicate extremely badly. So the shop runs without Zasilkovna and that is such a disadvantage that if we do not sort this out, we will have to soon give up Shopify and move the shop to some alternative. Before doing so, any ideas how to solve this? Any similar experience from the Czech Republic?

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Hi @Klaa 

Hope you are doing well. saad to know about your bad experience with the integration of Zásilkovna on Shopify. I am not a Shopify Certified Expert but I have done development on Shopify. I have looked into your case it looks like it is possible as zasilkovna provides API and also provides a list of delivery points which you can populate. I don't know how it's been done currently but if I do this I will be redirecting all buyers to a page before sending them to checkout to select pickup point and then proceed.


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