Shopify not being compliant according to amazon operating agreement

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Hello Everyone,

I just spoke with an Amazon Rep since I am an Amazon Affiliate. I inquired about the Spreadr app in the back office and they said they aren't aware of that app and that overall Shopify is not compliant with amazon. That if I launch my store which I wanted it to be this Friday it would eventually be banned or shut down by Amazon. I have spent a lot of time and money to develop my shopify store with a team of developers in India. Can someone please advise if I should move forward and how? Was it a scam on my India team end? I really need some advice on what to do and how to move forward with this project. 

Amazon suggested that I use my affiliate links of their items on a WordPress site, Facebook, Instagram and or Youtube pages to promote and sell their items for a commission. 

Please help!

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In my experience, you just need to abide by the amazon affiliate terms, it doesn't matter which platform your site is hosted on.

I've set up affiliate programs on Shopify sites, you just need to have the disclaimer in place (about affiliate commission).

Every page with an Amazon link should have a disclaimer.

Then you can submit that link to your amazon affiliate account / support to verify it meets the terms.

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Thanks so much for the amazing tips, so appreciate it!!!