Shopify not picking up listings to send to eBay

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About 4 days ago I started having a major problem with Shopify and I am unable to get it to prepare new listings for publishing. I have added dozens of new listings to Shopify over the last week but when I then need to publish them to eBay is when the problem happens.

This is what happens:

1. Under SALES CHANNELS I click on eBay.

2. After the screen updates I click on "Publish". The eBay / Publish screen appears. 

The text says:

Last product map was 4 days ago (refresh).

If I click on the refresh link the "Import New Shopify Products" window appears. I click on "Understood, import now".

This is where the changes are happening. The "Hang tight" progress bar appears and after about 20 seconds disappears again. The text still says "Last product map was 4 days ago (refresh)." and no new products are added to the "Ready to publish" list although new products have been entered in Shopify. No error message is shown.

Four days ago the "Hang tight" progress bar would have taken around 2 minutes to reach 100% and, of course, newly added products would have been added to the "Ready to publish" list.

I have tried clearing the cache and have tried two different browsers on two different computers.

If I update a listing that was previously successfully published to eBay I can see the eBay listing update, so it does not appear to be an issue with the connection with eBay.

This problem appears to be with Shopify and it started four days ago. Started a day or two after uploading proof of id documents requested, could it be connected?

Any ideas?