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Hey everyone, thanks for taking your time to read this short question.

Are there any apps that allow me to ask the client for his email, and once i want to start the store to send him a specific password meant only for him and then he can login and start shopping?

Would also need all other pages to be locked and this to be redirected regardless of what they click on, until they get access


Hi @gabrielbarda,

From what I know, would recommend you to use Login to Access Page so you can grant access of a specific page for member-only or control the visibility of content that only accessible for members, they also have Free plan - good choice

Hope you find this helpful


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Hello @gabrielbarda, I hope you are doing fine.

I think Locksmith app is what you are looking for. This application will help you to control de access to your store (specific pages) and will allow you to create keys in order to choose who can view the content. You can use the feature to display information only for certain customers that are login into your store.

They also have a really nice pricing policy that says: Pay what feels good — see

I hope it can be helpful for you and I wish you a lot of sales!

Best regards,

Sara from The Support Heroes.