Shopify translation engine Vs App

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I notice in settings, there is a option to translate in several languages. I do also have an app installed. Are they in conflict? Do I need an app or can only use Shopify translation innate futures, what is the difference? 




Hi @NineAmulets,

They don't have any conflicts in my experience but you should use only one because Shopify has its own language dropdown and so do the other apps.

Of course, translation apps (Paid) would have more functions compared to Shopify (Free) to manually translated content, edit the position, styling of language button, or even auto-translate content. Some apps even have features to automatically switch store language based on visitors preferences, location.

One more thing, Shopify only translate only basic resource types and fields, you can check what type is supported here

In case you use another app that had content that needs to be translated, you would need a more advanced translation app to translate content from other apps as well. I would suggest using Weglot, which doing good in bring your store globalization strategy to another level

Hope you find this helpful

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Both are available, but translation applications are undoubtedly more efficient and provide more personalized features. Among them, most translation apps use Shopify's native API, except for weglot and Gtranslate. But it is undeniable that they are powerful translation applications. I am using Etranslate and feel not bad. You can take a look.

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Hi @NineAmulets ,

We have a great solution for you - our translating app Langshop. If you have a Basic Shopify plan, you can add up to 5 target languages and one default language remained. Up to 20 target languages if you have a Plus Shopify plan. Besides multilingual options, we also provide multicurrency possibilities, automatic language and currency detecting by customers' country or browser language, and many more.

You can try it for free within 14 trial days in your live store or use it for free as long as you need during developed your store in a developing mode. To install the app, please go here:

Best wishes to you and your business

Alexey | Langshop team

Hello @NineAmulets,

This Transcy app can help you not only translating content, but also converting currencies which means 2 great functions within an app only.

Free plan is available too for you to give it a try. 

Hope it can help.

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Langshop looks really great but it's pricey at $34/month.  Hard to justify in the longrun for a smaller business.  Any chance the price will become more affordable in the future?

Shopify Partner
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Thanks for your question. Actually, yes, some price reduction is potentially possible in the future. Mainly because of our new version upgrade and the several different plans will be available. Just check for the new version update (2.9.0) on the page sometime later.

Also, we can consider some discount possibilities for your store individually.