Shopper Personality Beta Trial (Free!)

Shopify Partner
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Hi everyone! 

Our team is launching our first Shopify app (called Shopper Personality), and we are looking for beta partners to try it out for free and provide some good feedback for us.  Shopper Personality allows merchants to uncover the detailed personality characteristics of their best customers via an interactive dashboard and to gain insights about which types of ad creative resonate best with these personality types. If this sounds interesting, we would love to work with you!  Please sign up at this link, and we’ll get you free beta access to the app. We are looking to get feedback about the app functionality and user experience, so would hope that you can spare 5 to 10 minutes for a quick conversation after you’ve had an opportunity to review the results we generate for your store.


One quick caveat: in order to produce accurate results, we require at least 1,000 U.S.-based adult customers / store.  If you are unsure if you meet this requirement, don’t worry, the app will determine it for you.


Link to sign up for beta access:


Finally, if you have any questions, please reach-out to us at - thanks!