Show location quantities on site and allow local pickup.

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Hi, all.

Like many people I've seen posting on the forums, I want to be able to show customers the quantities of stock in each location, and allow local pickup where stock is available.  I also ONLY want to allow shipping out of one of our locations (i.e. if we have stock in LocationB, but not LocationA, then I don't want customers to be able to order for shipping, because we only ship from LocationA).

Tom's "Product Inventory Information" app seems near perfect, but I've not been able to get any support from them so I can't use it.

Is there some other way to do this thing?  I find it surprising that this is seems so tricky when it's obviously working fine on other platforms (as can be seen from many existing websites, two random local ones off the top of my head and

Thanks!  Really crossing my fingers for a reasonable solution.