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I'm looking for an app that would enable me to use something like a badge under a product photo, which would show the retail price of the product. I'd like this to be displayed on all sites on the store (collections, homepage etc).

Something like this badge with "retail" (from 

Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 12.53.34.png

Note: this price would be different than the "compare at price". We're selling second hand clothes, and would like to show the retail at new price on the photo, so that customers know what's the difference when buying from our store. Compare at price is already in use, thus here we need a different tool.


We would very much appreciate any help with the matter, thank you.

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Hi Marta!

You would need a bit of everything to get this up and running, haven't got across an App that does this however it would be cleaner & neater to have a custom solution instead of an app for that. Steps would be as follow:

  1.  Create a Metafield on the product object so you can enter this value independently from Price & Compare at price. 
  2.  Pull this field, calculate the percentage saved
  3.  Create Liquid code to generate this on the fly for products who have this retail price field filled only.

If you have products with different variant prices then that would require a bit more work. 

Should you like to discuss this further please send me an email to the address in my signature so we can discuss this in-detail and so I let you know how long it would need and cost.


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