Showing applicable discount codes on product page

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Yeah great but ridiculous they are making us add all the apps on!

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Yeah you can actually bulk add products to discount by collection, vendor and product type. You can tag products for special sales like 'deals of the day'. Here is a video covering it.


If you do want to try it out there is a 14-day free trial. Again, if you have questions I will do my best to help.

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Was researching for the same answer and see the question is still on the table 1 year later.


Discount codes/prices on product pages should be standard in a platform such as Shopify.  They have the capital to invest in development.


The apps I have seen are USD20+ per month and this not where I wish to spend my money with Shopify.  Disappointing in short.

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This should be a standard feature on Shopify.

Create a discount with option to display message on product pages that apply to discount.

I have been using a 10 year old ecommerce package that has this function

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Also asking for this feature to be a core one. It's simple and very necessary.

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@Ann wrote:

Hey Cody, 

Thanks for the feedback! That definitely sounds like a good idea and I'll pass it along to our team for you.

That said, just so I have all the details if you're looking to post a discount code on a product page, would a good workaround be to put the product on sale? That way the customer doesn't have the extra step of inputting the discount code when they see it. You can see the steps on how to do that on this page in our Shopify Manual. 

Let me know if this does or doesn't work for you as an alternative! 

Have a great one,

Any update to this? A google search of the forums seems to show this is a request that has been in for years by a large number of people. I can't imagine anybody wanting discounts to be applied by "hidden" as they are now until the checkout. I suspect every single user of discount codes wants them to show up in the cart.