Simple Shopify app idea I would pay for right now.

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In order to organize my life as a business owner easier, I have found that simple is always best, and in today's world, this starts with using fewer applications to get things done. This is why I think it would be a fantastic idea to create a reminder application for Shopify. It would be very useful as these are normally a standard function in CRM's yet in Shopify, you can't create a reminder to follow-up a customer or to set any reminders for the customer. 


I think it would be best to create an app that would provide Shopify store owners with a desktop, email, and/or SMS notification of whatever the reminder was. Also, these reminders can be set on products, customers, marketing activities, and other common areas in a Shopify store. 



I am not sure what you are exactly looking for, but there are multiple email apps on the store which enable follow-ups for your abandoned carts, email campaigns, follow-up feedbacks etc. You can check out some of the below here

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Such a simple and great idea! I'm going to work on this. Want me to shoot you an email later?

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Wow, we are currently working on a reminder for merchants, specifically to follow-up on a customer. In my previous career, I always had post-it notes attached to my screen and it generated many sales. Making smart reminders, that will be triggered by events can take it to the next level.
I will post an update here when we will release the app.

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We have finished our work on Reminder version 1.

Please feel free to take a look:

Our plan for the nearest future is to add notification methods like SMS and browser notifications. For now, the only option is email. You can also attach customer and product details to your reminder so that you have more context when you need it.

If you are missing something - please let us know, and we will check if a feature can be added. Our email:

You can try Zapier. It can help you to connect Shopify with other applications. So you can use it to set up reminders with google calendar, SMS / email provider, push notifications, etc

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