Size converter - from metric to imperial

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Hi Guys!

currently working on my 1st store, and having the intention of selling internationally I'll also need to take care of product descriptions in the proper way!

I am now inserting products in the store, and wondering if there's any app (better if free/free-trial) which can be installed and automatically convert sizes from cm to inches and viceversa according to the location of the customer (or with a choice menu set somewhere on the side/top bar).

I would actually need the same for currencies, as I am now inserting all prices in USD, but will need to show prices also in EUR and other currencies.

Any suggestion? What I've seen on the app store are mostly currency/clothes converter which don't match with my products, as I just need a simple plug-in.


Otherwise, I will just have to manually add both sizes in each product description (ie. 10cmx15cm / 3.97x5.90in) but I am sure there is a faster and more convenient way to go!


Thanks in advance!